The Jazzles Generation


Capture the beat of Jazzles Voconics, the multimedia program that engages children at extraordinary levels developing literacy and learning. If every 4 - 6 year old had access to it, literacy levels would show significant gains; theses prove it.

Integrated Alphabet
Activity Pages


Using the familiarized Jazzles lyrics as text, the 26 Jazzles Activity Pages develop reading, writing and small motor skills. The activities include cutting, pasting, and coloring. Handwriting skills are developed by tracing and independently writing letters and words.

The pages increase in difficulty following the research based order of teaching explained in the Jazzles Voconics Manual.

You can also use these Activity Pages as an evaluation sample for of small motor, handwriting, comprehension and oral reading skills.

Blue Bus Blues


Always reminding your children not to forget their belongings? Hopefully this Rhythm and Blues music, with catchy rhyming song lyrics about leaving belongings on a bus, will help them remember!

The song lyrics activate a vocabulary of 55 Words in Connected Text, 23 different including 11 starting with the brainy letter bB. 44 Sight Words are practiced every time the ‘Blue Bus Blues’ lyrics are seen and sung.

The Role of Jazzles A-Z Alliterative Lyrics


Every time children sing any of the 26 Jazzles Alliterative songs, they are automatically developing Initial Sound Fluency. In this video, children are learning letter-sound associations by locating in their worksheets multiple words beginning with the focus letter that they have both seen in the animation’s ‘Matching Captions’ and heard as they’ve sung. They experience success by highlighting the recognized words on a printed Jazzles Lyrics Bold Page and in the process excitedly identify other words they can read!

Jazzles Voconics rapidly develops a contemporary oral language and vocabulary base of 417 contemporary words in alliterative, lyric-based sentences. This includes 77% of the most commonly used words in contemporary English. By learning the 100 key words, students can make sense of nearly 48% of commonly read text in both adult and children’s books. Within Jazzles lyrics are the 15 out 16 highest frequency words unlocking understanding to around 25% of such sentences.

Fat Fish


Cha Cha as you sing and go fishing with your family. It all ends with a fantastic fish feast and fighting off flies searching for some fast food! Sound familiar?

The song lyrics activate a vocabulary of: activate a vocabulary of 68 Words in Connected Text,43 different including 17 starting with the Fantastic Letter fF.48 Sight Words are practiced every time the ‘Fat Fish’ lyrics are seen and sung.

Print Awareness using Jazzles Lyrics and Music


In this video, Diane Pedersen, an experienced North Dakota teacher, uses Jazzles worksheets to demonstrate the beginning reading skills of 'One to One Correspondence', tracking 'Left to Right’ and ‘Return Sweep’.

Once children know the lyrics of the Jazzles ‘Song of the Week’, they can happily sing along to its audio following the words on the printed Jazzles Lyrics Page, always moving to the beat!

Initially, you will need to guide their ‘pointing’. Just look how happy these singing children are developing Oral Fluency and Print Awareness by tracking the corresponding, internalized words to ‘outsmart’ reading!

Why? Why? Why?


Why use Cool Swing for this children's song about wondering why things occur and asking questions? Composer's choice - that's why!

The song lyrics activate a vocabulary of 55 Words in Connected Text, 32 different, including 17 starting with the Wonderful Letter wW.

38 Sight Words are practiced every time the ‘Why? Why? Why?’ lyrics are seen and sung.

Creating a Personal


Having learned a Jazzles song, children happily identify familiarized alliterative words in the song’s lyrics worksheet and then write them in the Jazzles Dictionary Page for that letter.

Not only are children learning dictionary skills, but they can transform these printable worksheets into their own personal dictionary, further increasing their vocabulary by finding or adding words from other literacy activities.

Jazzleoke Developing
Oral/English Fluency


No apology for technology! Children perform with purpose to Jazzles ‘Blue Bus Blues’ and ‘Yes! Yes!’ Animations and Karaoke played on an IWB or computer.

Forget boring rote practice! Here’s an activity where every child’s preferred Learning Style is engaged to activate oral language and intuitively learn to read 'karaoke' style text in Jazzles ‘Matching Captions’.

It’s where every child becomes a singing star - including disadvantaged or ESL students learning English pronunciations! No wonder Jazzles Literacy Learning is a joy when children are seeing, hearing,singing,moving and having fun!

Learning Letter/Sounds with Multisensory Craft


Jazzles Alliterative Collage uses the senses to learn letter shapes and sounds while developing small motor skills, creativity and even math! (For example: area, estimation and patterns).

It’s a multisensory, experience all children enjoy but one that particularly benefits children with Autism or Dyslexia.

Multisensory Collage turns Phonemics Awareness activities into fun by using materials starting with the sound of the letter they are collaging. For example gluing black beans onto the letter ‘b’ or popcorn on to ‘p’! Imagine the vocabulary development as children brainstorm alliterative words to describe their artistic masterpiece!

The Jazzles Lesson Plans provide suggestions for tactile materials, tastes and smells to enhance the joy of learning.

Happy Children Happy Results


In this video, Kindergarten teacher Diane Pedersen explains how Jazzles songs promote reading. Singing, she says, makes children feel happy, creates a sense of community and belonging, uplifting emotions and moods, to make practicing oral language a joy not a drag!

Instead of boring rote, Diane discusses how her class became so engrossed singing the Jazzles songs, they forgot it was dinner time! All because they love the Jazzles songs!

Happy children, she says, are happy learners and a happy learning environment creates the motivation for children, as natural learners, to achieve their potential.

Flexible Lesson Plans for Pre K
to Kindergarten Including
Printable Worksheets for Kids


“So much to choose from …” says Kindergarten teacher Diane Pedersen! “I wish I could use Jazzles for all the students I’ve taught in the last 20 years!”

Developing cognitive and non-cognitive skills, the Lesson Plans are fully integrated to facilitate early literacy learning across the curriculum. Included are teaching strategies that cater for 3 Learning Styles and 8 Multiple Intelligences.

You can find literally hundreds of developmentally appropriate, learning activities all done and ready to use in a technology-enhanced, play-based, joyful learning environment.

Proven Results


In this very short but important video, experienced North Dakota Kindergarten teacher Diane Pedersen, talks about a child whose reading has improved by 50%.

Dancing and Singing
Developing Oral Language


Action packed fun as child sing, jump, jog and dance to the Jazzles animations with Matching Captions. This action/dance/drama rapidly develops oral language and meaning (comprehension) in synchronization with large motor skill development.

Imagination Mime
Developing Oral Language


Children love miming the naughty dog's digging actions to Jazzles Voconics 'Don't Dig Dog' animated song or being one of the 'Orange Octopus' scary outstretched arms while others swim around them 'scared' of being caught! Great ways to develop augmented/ expressive and receptive (listening) aspects of oral language.

When children sing Jazzles alliterative songs they can hear the repetitive initial sound in many words and remember it.

Because these prolifically alliterative lyrics are automatically and happily practiced orally, mistaken pronunciations are intuitively corrected without the boring repetition of speech exercises.

Play Based Learning


You will always have children requesting Jazzles 'Terrifying Tigers' musical animation song. Plenty of kinesthetic drama when children take turns being trees and tigers or avoiding the erupting volcano in Volatile Volcanos' dancing to Hawaiian music. You can do with or without costumes and props.