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We welcome questions from parents and teachers regarding Jazzles Voconics.

Have a Question? Just Ask! If you have a question about how Jazzles Voconics can help you and your children, just email me. I will be happy to reply usually within 48 hours.   Your question may be used in a future blog, post or article so everyone can benefit but your privacy will be protected. Please feel free to forward the answer to your friends and colleagues who may also benefit from it.

This multimedia, multisensory Early Learning Program is rich in playful experiences, achieving virtually 100% intellectual and emotional engagement. Where ever used, Jazzles Voconics becomes the children’s learning program of choice, something they really look forward to, automatically catering for their multiple learning style preferences.

Embracing 70% of the Kindergarten curriculum, Jazzles Voconics comes complete - nearly 500 digital files for computers and interactive whiteboards, 100’s of Blackline Masters all integrated with creative, lesson plans that collectively deliver all the important Early Literacy outcomes while facilitating cross curriculum skills and cognitive and non-cognitive development. This includes social and personal skills that every child needs to develop the confidence for continued learning.

Jazzles Voconics excels at engaging all children - from the gifted to the very poor with no parental support and no literacy backgrounds. It is the first program that really enables schools to include ELL and Special Education students in regular classroom settings. explains how this is all achieved - including an 110 page guide you can download.

If you have any questions or observations, be free to ask me here.

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About the author Lesley Beth

Lesley’s has combined two decades of multicultural teaching experience with her music and artistic skills to create Jazzles Voconics, a unique program designed to accommodate every child’s learning styles and multiple intelligence profiles.

Lesley is a recipient of an American Songwriter Magazine award and a Semi-Finalist in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for songs featured on her ‘Swishy Friends’ CD, and the ‘Oceans of Wonder’ CD and High Definition DVD.