Looking for Interactive Whiteboard resources
to measurably lift your Children's literacy levels?

Today's Children Learning Differently

Jazzles Voconics is an innovative learning system. Teacher created and internet delivered in a multimedia package. Its superior power to emotionally and intellectually engage today's children Aurally, Visually and Kinesthetically delivers astonishing results!

Who's it for?

  • Kindergarten and Grade 1 (including high ESL component) and Homeschooling
  • Special Education (Dyslexia, Autism, Auditory)
  • Title 1 and schools struggling to exit 'Program Improvement'
  • Teachers subject to Value-Added Assessment and those with a challenging class.
  • Performing Arts/Music Teachers can use the program to link their skills to Language Arts Outcomes measurable by any State approved assessment system.

Download the free Jazzles Voconics Teacher's Guide 4.5 MB total

Download the Teacher's Guide (4.5 MB)

Jazzles is perfect for Homeschool, Preschool and Kindergarten. Supporting its extensive multimedia files, are 100's of printables including song lyrics sheets, 'Read and Color' pages, 'Alliterative Collage' worksheets, 'cut and paste' worksheets for cloze passages and 'storyboards' for creative writing.

Printable Kindergarten Worksheets

Digitally Integrated with IWB and Computer Room Resources For group and individual self-paced learning, thematically linking around 70% of the kindergarten curriculum.

  • 320+ multimedia files
  • 230+ printable worksheets
  • 460 pages of A-Z Lesson Plans
  • All thematically and creatively integrated
  • Instantly delivered through the Internet

More memory strategies than any other program

Jazzles is rich in mnemonic strategies and techniques.

This includes utilizing the mnemonic roles of music, creative arts and guided play to deliver engaging, intuitive learning with rapid, superior literacy outcomes.

These can be measured using standard State benchmarks such as DIBELS, Scott Foresman Reading Street, Reading A-Z, etc.

A less obvious one is active learning. This is huge! Instead of students passively waiting to see what you will teach each day, you will experience children eagerly requesting Jazzles resources and worksheets.

Although I developed Jazzles, I have never before experienced any serious learning program that motivates children to actively ask for it.

Have you?

Active learning is proven to power the brain, enhance memory and also motivation. Effectively, it is making kindergarten children partners with you in their own learning process.