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USA Person-to-person Inquiries 7 Days a Week

Person to Person Orders: Call USA(1) (540) 786-0630 Monday though Friday, 9am-7pm, Saturday 10am-3pm, Sunday 1 to 5pm and speak to Dick West who will be able to answer all your order questions. (Dick West is at Parcel Plus, 1285 Carl D. Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA 2240)

Fax Number for Orders

(540) 786-2831 or call (540) 786-0630

Email us - your inquiry will normally be answered within 24 hours.


Wizimedia, Unit 168, No. 99, Wan Ding Road, Shanghai, 201100, PRC
Phone: PRC 86- 21 54387942 or 1381 7863750
Email to Field Xu:

All Countries Other Than Asia

Email to Kevin Condon:
CleverShow Corporation, 112 North Curry Street, Carson City, Nevada 89703-4934, United States. Phone/Fax: USA 1-530-687-6305.
OSS Pty Ltd, Suite 1, 68 Louisa Road, Birchgrove, NSW 2041, Australia, Phone/Fax: Australia 61- 2-9810-2784

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