Turning Learning into Pure Pleasure!

All learning styles. Eight multiple Intelligences. Whole brain Learning

Each ‘Voconics’ song is an alliterative story that transforms into an engaging animation, interactive computer games and extensions into craft, drama, arts, music and language themed, cross-curriculum activities. This frame is from the ‘Angry Alligator’ Animation where the impossible delights and amuses! How an alligator becomes an astronaut is guaranteed to engage even the most challenging of children!

"As a kindergarten teacher of 27 years experience, I know that engaging student diversity is a challenge. The solution is to provide ‘exciting resources’ catering for Visual, Aural and Kinetic learning experiences.

What I have done with Jazzles, is to take the traditional early childhood classroom activities, and create a socially and technology balanced interactive program of music, movement, arts, drama, creative games and worksheets to enhance and reinforce the literary skills of PreK, Kindergarten and Grade One students.

Rather than placing all the burden for engaged learning on teachers, it is actually the Jazzles resources and worksheets that creates the extraordinary levels of emotional and intellectual engagement that keep children focused and motivated.

This means our job as teachers becomes much more effective. We can actually do what we were trained to do – teach children. And it puts the pleasure back in to teaching!"

- Lesley Beth

Teacher, Composer, Author.
2004 International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist
American Songwriter Magazine
Honorable Mention 2005.”

About Lesley

Lesley created Jazzles in 2000. Assisted by distributors including Scholastic, Jazzles songs are used by thousands of teachers world-wide. In 2005, Lesley teamed with the international ‘Max’ Award Winner ‘Wizimedia’ to create this extensive Jazzles multimedia program.

Pre-K, Grade 1, Special Education, ELL, ESOL, EFL, Distance Learning, Home Schooling, US/UK English